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  LS-DYNA 3 ź ŵ ִ ܿ ѿؼ





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    - Nonlinear dynamics
    - Rigid body dynamics
    - Quasi-static simulations
    - Normal modes
    - Linear statics
    - Thermal analysis
    - Fluid analysis ( Eulerian capabilities, ALE, Fluid-structure interaction)
    - FEM-rigid multi body dynamics coupling (MADYMO, CAL3D)
    - Underwater shock
    - Failure analysis
    - Crack propagation
    - Real-time acoustics
    - Design optimization
    - Implicit springback
    - Multi-physics coupling
    - Adaptive remeshing
    - Smooth particle hydrodynamics
    - Element-free meshless method




      Metals, Plastics, Glass, Foams, Fabrics, Elastomers, Honeycombs, Composites, Concrete & soils,
      High explosives, Propellants, Viscous fluids, User-defined materials


  circle05_blue.gif element ̺귯


      Solids, 8-node thick shells, 3/4-node shells, beams, welds, discrete zero length beams, trusses and cables, nodal masses, lumped inertia


  circle05_blue.gif contact ˰


      Flexible body contact, flexible body to rigid body contact, rigid body to rigid body contact, edge to edge contact, eroding contact, tied contact, cad surfaces, rigid walls, draw beads


  circle05_blue.gif automotive feature


      Seatbelts, sliprings, pretentioners, retractors, sensors, accelerometers, airbags, hybrid III dummy models, inflator models


[ Application ]


  LS-DYNA ؼ Űμ Ư о ؼ ѵ ʰ پϰ ùķ̼ǿ ̿ ֽϴ. Ʒ ƮǾ ִ ܿ ٸ о߷ LS-DYNA ֽϴ.


  circle05_blue.gif 浹 ° о


  LS-DYNA ϱ ڵ ü鿡 ǰ ֽϴ. ŵӸ ƴ϶ ° Ȯϰ մϴ. ڵ ȸ ǰü LS-DYNA ν Ÿ Ƚ ٿ ð ϰ ֽϴ


  circle05_blue.gif ؼ о


  LS-DYNA Ǵ о߷ ؼ ֽϴ. LS-DYNA ° Ȯ ν ָ, Ĵ tryout ֽϴ. LS-DYNA adaptive mesh Ͽ  ؼ ߿ mesh refineǹǷ ؼ ð ̰ е ֽϴ.

  metal stamping, hydro-forming, forging, deep drawing, multi-stage process ؼ ֽϴ


  circle05_blue.gif ؼ о


  LS-DYNA () LLNL DYNA3D о ؼ ۼ ڵԴϴ. LS-DYNA о ؼ ־ Ư¡ ֽϴ. ߻ü , ߿ , USA Ŀø ؼ ǰ ֽϴ.


  circle05_blue.gif װ

   ǵ峪 ̵忡 bird striking װ µ LS-DYNA θ ǰ ֽϴ.


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   ؼ, ǰ , ü , , о ؼ  LS-DYNA ֽϴ.



[ Examples ] 

TEL: 02-839-5804



  ȭ Ŭϸ ˴ϴ.

Airbag Deployment

Crash Analysis

Crash Analysis

Crash Analysis

Metal Forming

Drop Test

Automatic Contact

Linear Shape Charge

Clothing Manufacturing




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