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bullet01 simpleware



circle03_mint.gif simpleware CT, MRI, Micro-CT Կ 3D Image Import Ͽ CAD Ǵ FE Model Export

   ִ մϴ.


circle03_mint.gif simpleware ScanIP, +FE, +CAD, Physics module Ǿ α׷ ̿Ͽ

  ڰ ϴ ۾ ֽϴ.


     circle05_blue.gif simpleware component



     circle05_blue.gif ScanIP


   square03_blue.gif Image Processing  CAD Model Generation


   square03_blue.gif CT, MRI, Micro-CT 3D Image Import STL File Export


   square03_blue.gif Image Process Toolμ Segmentation Filtering ۾ 3D Image


   square03_blue.gif Segmentation FE Model Part е



   square03_blue.gif Ư¡


         circle03_mint.gif Robust Multi Part Smoothing


         circle03_mint.gif Volume / Topology Preserving Smoothing


         circle03_mint.gif High Quality waterright Surface / STL


         circle03_mint.gif Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) Algorithim


     circle05_blue.gif +ScanCAD


   square03_blue.gif Integration of CAD Models within Image Data


   square03_blue.gif CAD Import Positioning ۾


   square03_blue.gif IGES, STEP, STL File Format Import


   square03_blue.gif Multi-Part STL Model Export (ScanIP Import )



     circle05_blue.gif +ScanFE


   square03_blue.gif FE / CFD ִ Volume / Surface Mesh



   square03_blue.gif Ư¡


         circle03_mint.gif ScanIP File ImportϿ FE Mesh ڵ


         circle03_mint.gif ǰ ÿ Mesh


         circle03_mint.gif Adaptive Mesh


         circle03_mint.gif Volume / Topology Preserving Smoothing


         circle03_mint.gif Signal Strength ٸ Materail Properity


         circle03_mint.gif پ Export (LS-DYNA, ANSYS, ABAQUS, I-DEAS, MSC.Software, FLUENT )



     circle05_blue.gif Application


         circle03_mint.gif Spinal Model

In vivo MRI scan



Multi Part STL Generation

FE Analysis

         circle03_mint.gif Patient Specific Hip Model

In vivo CT scan



Multi Part Mesh Generation

FE Analysis

         circle03_mint.gif Blood Flow in Arteries

MRI scan of upper Leg



Import of CAD Data

CFD Analysis in FLUENT

         circle03_mint.gif Reverse Engineering of Engine Block

Industrial SCAN


Multi Part Generation

(FE models / CAD)

Surface Model

     circle05_blue.gif ߰ Case-Studies


       circle03_mint.gif Simpleware Case Studies


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